Much have I learned from my teachers, more from my colleagues, but most from my students.


PhD students


Student coauthors

  • Janie Sinclair, Dialogue and educational NLP. Primary advisor: Dragan Gašević. Co-advised with Chris Lucas.



  • Michael Auli, PhD 2012. Now at Facebook AI Research.
    During our collaboration Michael developed the most accurate known parser for combinatory categorial grammar, a linguistically expressive grammar formalism. After graduation Michael began working on neural translation, and is one of the key researchers behind Facebook's convolutional machine translation system. -
  • Federico Fancellu, PhD 2018. Primary advisor: Bonnie Webber.
    Federico developed state-of-the-art models for computational detection of negation in English and Chinese. He now a postdoc with my colleague Mirella Lapata and we continue to collaborate with Sorcha Gilroy on semantic parsing.


  • Despoina Christou, MSc 2016. Now PhD student at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
  • Andreas Grivas, MSc 2017. Now at Mudano.
  • Yova Kementchedjhieva, MSc 2017. Now PhD student at University of Copenhagen.
  • Junyi Li, MSc 2017.
  • Moise Lubwimi, MInf 2018.
  • Evangelia Lypiridi, MSc 2016.
  • Lena Reisinger, MInf 2017.
  • Adithya Renduchintala, PhD student at Johns Hopkins University. Adi amicably switched advisors after I moved to the University of Edinburgh, and is still at Johns Hopkins.
  • Jason R. Smith, former PhD student at Johns Hopkins University. Now at Google.
  • Ida Szubert, MSc 2016. Now PhD student at University of Edinburgh, advised by Mark Steedman.
  • Ieva Vasiljeva, MSc 2017. Now at Improbable.
  • Arthur Verkaik, MInf 2017.
  • Justas Zemgulys, MInf 2018. Now at Amazon.


  • Ramona Comanescu, BSc 2018. Now MPhil student in Cambridge.
  • Iulia Banghea, BSc 2017.

Visiting students

  • Chip Huyen, Visiting BSc student from Stanford University, summer 2016.
  • Katarzyna Pruś, Visiting BSc student from University of Dundee, summer 2015. MPhil at University of Cambridge, now back in Edinburgh at the CDT in Data Science.
  • Pijus Simonaitis, Visiting MSc student from École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, summer 2016. Now PhD student at Montpellier Laboratory of Computer Science, Robotics, and Microelectronics.

Collaborators past and present

I am conservative about who I add to this list. It includes advisees and collaborators. If your information is out of date, please get in touch.