Our society is globally connected, but language barriers prevent deeper connections and mutual understanding. To break these barriers, my research group works on multilingual natural language processing (NLP) systems that understand and generate human language. Progress in NLP requires advances in machine learning, computer science, and linguistics. We are interested in many basic research problems in these fields.


Selected Papers

AMRICA: an AMR Inspector for Cross-language Alignments
Naomi Saphra and Adam Lopez. In NAACL-HLT Demonstrations, 2015.
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Gappy pattern matching on GPUs for on-demand extraction of hierarchical translation grammars
Hua He, Jimmy Lin, and Adam Lopez. In Transactions of the ACL, 3 2015.
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Dirt cheap Web-scale parallel text from the Common Crawl
Jason Smith, Herve Saint-Amand, Magdalena Plamada, Philipp Koehn, Chris Callison-Burch and Adam Lopez. In Proceedings of ACL, 2013.
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Learning to translate with products of novices: a suite of open-ended challenge problems for teaching MT
With Matt Post, Chris Callison-Burch, Jonathan Weese, Juri Ganitkevitch, Narges Ahmidi, Olivia Buzek, Leah Hanson, Beenish Jamil, Matthias Lee, Ya-Ting Lin, Henry Pao, Fatima Rivera, Leili Shahriyari, Debu Sinha, Adam Teichert, Stephen Wampler, Michael Weinberger, Daguang Xu, Lin Yang, and Shang Zhao. In Transactions of the ACL, 1 : pages 165–178, 2013.
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Training a log-linear parser with loss functions via softmax-margin
Michael Auli and Adam Lopez. In Proceedings of EMNLP, 2011.