I get so much email that I can’t reply to all of it. Even in the best of circumstances, I often can’t reply right away. So here is a brief guide on whether to email me (if you haven’t already), and what to expect (if you have).

Do you have a specific question related to my published research?
Email alopez@inf.ed.ac.uk, and please also email my coauthors, who may be able to reply more quickly.
Do you want to hire me for consulting work or a new job?
Email alopez.nlproc@gmail.com. Please be patient waiting for a reponse.
Are you a friend and/ or (former) research student?
I would love to hear from you! Please email my personal address if you have it, otherwise one of the other addresses on this page.
Are you a (former) PhD / MSc / UG thesis student or employee in need of a reference?
I would love to help! Please email alopez@inf.ed.ac.uk, and provide as much detail as you can about the position and your application. I’d appreciate as much advance notice as you can give me.
Are you a (former) taught student in need of a reference?
Unless I know you well, the best I’m likely to be able to provide is a brief synopsis of your performance in my course(s), which is of limited value for most job or PhD applications. If a brief synopsis suffices, I’m of course happy to supply it: email alopez@inf.ed.ac.uk. However, for most job or PhD applications, you will be best served by a reference from someone who has worked with you closely and knows your work well.
Are you an employer seeking a reference for one of my (former) students or employees?
I will be happy to provide a reference. Email alopez@inf.ed.ac.uk with details.
Are you seeking a studentship or other academic position with me?
I am not currently taking students or hiring for academic positions, so please don’t email me. I wish you the best of luck, but there’s nothing I can do to help you, so I will not respond to your email.
Are you seeking information about courses or programmes at the university?
I will be on sabbatical for the academic year 2024-25, so cannot help you with courses or programmes. Please contact the appropriate course organiser or programme director.
Are you interested in other university business?
I am unlikely to respond to emails about university business unless I’m obliged or already committed.
Are you interested in something not covered by the answers above?
It is unlikely that I will respond to emails on other topics. My time is finite, and every email I respond to chips away at the time that I have for the people that matter to me.